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New Pics

hey guys got new pics up and my album check them out. Let me know what you think. Hope to see some of of my old friends and make some new ones soon.       Kisses Sonya    

Morning friends it’s Hump Day 

good morning friends  Today have full availability including Brooklyn, Sonya, Chelsea, and Jessica. Please call or email me for booking. Email at Candace.sbl4u@yahoo.com hope everyone has an awesome day!! Thanks Candace & a little reminder new pics going up this week of Sonya and Brooklyn so keep an eye out and I will be posting once available a couple new ladies will have to email or text for pics.    …

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afternoon friends hope everyone’s week has been well. Have everyone available today and hopefully couple new girls on herizon. So keep a look out.  Please call or email me for booking on anyone else today. Have a wonderful weekend.        

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Morning friends

i hope everyone has had a nice peaceful week so far. As many of you already know, Stephanie is no longer available but we do hope she returns in a month or so. Today I have Brooklyn, Sonya, Chelsea, and Jessica available with both Brooklyn and Sonya having new pics coming out as well so keep a look out. Also Sonya and Jessica as well as Brooklyn and Jessica will…

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Morning Friends

Another full house today with our newest friend Stephanie available as well as Sonya Brooklyn Chelsea and Jessica. Please call or email me for booking. Thanks Candace

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Marvelous Monday

Morning friends Have a full line up today including Brooklyn, Chelsea, Sonya, Jessica, and our newest friend Stephanie.  All of who will be having new photos up and posted on SBL by end of week, so keep your eyes peeled. As a reminder I still don’t have access to the sbl4u emails so if you need please email me at candace.sbl4u@yahoo.com or call 615-294-0453 Thank Candace          

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Everyone meet Stephanie

Morning friends We have a new friend joining our group available today…Miss Stephanie Pictures do not do her justice and hope to have more soon. She is 5’6 125 lbs B36 long brown blonde hair. Shell be available for next week as of right now so catch her while you can, and let’s treat her right in hopes she stays 😉 Also available today I have Brooklyn, Sonya, Chelsea, and Jessica. Please call me for booking as I’m still not receiving emails. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!! Thanks Candace

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Thursday Delights

Morning friends Hope everyone’s week is going well once again have a full house today Brooklyn, Chelsea, Jessica, and Sonya. Please call me for booking 615-294-0453. Also should have email up and working by end of this week i will make an announcement as soon as i have access and if able we return any missed emails from past few weeks again i apologize for inconvenience. Oh and may be having a new friend join our group, if all goes well as she should be available full time starting next week l  will hopefully have pics available by Friday. Have a wonderful day! Thanks Candace

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